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Isle of Man named as 'preferred' host for Island Games 2027

The Isle of Man at the opening ceremony of the 2019 Island Games in Gibraltar

Education minister calls it 'a return to its spiritual home'

The Isle of Man has been announced as the front runner to host the Island Games in 2027.

In a joint statement with the International Island Games Association, the Minister of Education, Sport and Culture says it is a 'fantastic opportunity' for the Isle of Man.

If the Island  successfully secures the games in 8 years time, Graham Cregeen says it will see 'it return to its spiritual home'.

‘I am delighted to see the Isle of Man becoming the preferred host for 2027. It would be great to see the Games going home to where it all began in 1985.’

In Gibraltar, where the current Island Games is underway, Mr Cregeen attended a meeting with IIGA officials.

He made a case for the Isle of Man which highlighted its sporting facilities and stated the government’s financial commitment.

Chairman of the IIGA Jörgen Pettersson says he is 'delighted' with the announcement adding 'It would be great to see the Games going home to where it all began in 1985.'

The Manx Government has estimated the Island Games could be worth £2 million to the economy.

In 1985, the Island hosted the inaugural Island Games and most recently in 2001.

This is the moment Team Isle of Man made its way onto the field at the NSC as commentated by Manx Radio's Peter Kneale, 18 years ago.

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