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Man sentenced for drugs stash

Douglas courthouse

Dale guilty of Class A and B drug possession, and cultivation

A Laxey man has narrowly escaped a jail term for possessing cocaine, cannabis and cultivating a cannabis plant.

Twenty-six year-old Wayne Dale of Glen Mooar Road was caught hiding a stash of drugs in the front of his trousers in a Douglas nightclub.

He admitted the charges after being removed from The Outback on March 18, when staff reported him acting suspiciously.

Dale’s been handed a two-year suspended sentence and supervision order.

The Class A drug was found on Dale, divided into wraps – a factor which aggravated the charge as there were grounds to believe he intended to sell it.

For possession of cocaine he was handed a six-month sentence, one month for possession of cannabis, and two months for cultivating a cannabis plant.

His lawyer said he'd struggled with an addiction to cannabis for some years, using it to combat anxiety and depression.

The court heard Dale was attempting to kick the habit before relapsing; he's now looking to replace self-medication with counselling for the benefit of his two children.

Growing the plant was said to be an unsophisticated operation - which was unlikely to yield any future monetary benefit.

Deputy High Bailiff, Jayne Hughes, said the sentence should act as a "punishment and deterrent" – and hoped for his children's sake, Dale committed to change.

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