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Linkspan legal case end 'good news'

The dropping of a Petition of Doleance challenging the user agreement between the Department of Infrastructure and the Steam Packet is good news for the travelling public.

That's the belief of the Chairman of TravelWatch Isle of Man, Brendan O'Friel.

Seaside Shipping took out a Petition of Doleance in 2007 challenging the user agreement between the then Department of Transport and the Steam Packet.

The agreement lays down guidelines on how many passenger and freight crossings the Steam Packet should provide, in return for exclusive use of the government's linkspan.

However the petition has now been dismissed after the company, the DOI and Steam Packet came to an agreement.

Mr O'Friel says TravelWatch had concerns that Douglas Harbour development and Steam Packet investment plans were on hold until the issue had been settled

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