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As it happened: Storm Doris

Check here for updates on disruption caused by Storm Doris

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Department of Infrastructure: Road Update - two roads will remain closed overnight. Belmont Hill, Douglas and Glen Vine Rd, due to damaged / low hanging trees.

Manx Utilities: Power has been restored at West Baldwin and trees have been removed from Renab Road, Maughold

Department of Infrastructure: Road Update - Anenfell now fully open, thanks for you patience.

Department of Infrastructure: Road Update - A5 now fully open between Orrisdale junction and Ballasalla.

Manx Utilities: Electricity supplies have now been restored in the Peveril Road area of Peel. Trees on the overhead lines have now been removed on Crossag Road Ballasalla & Richmond Hill Douglas

IOM Bus and Rail: Services to the South of the Island are resuming normal routes as of 1530

Department of Infrastructure: Road Update - Albany Road, Douglas crew onsite felling dangerous tree, please drive with caution.

Department of Infrastructure: Road Update - Belmont Hill, Douglas may need to remain closed overnight. Awaiting further inspection prior to final decision being made.

Department of Infrastructure:

Road Update - Roads still closed:-
A5 Orrisdale Rd to Ballasalla, MUA onsite
West Baldwin, MUA onsite
King Edward Road, DOI and MER onsite
Groudle Rd, DOI and MER onsite
Main Rd, Ballasalla, MUA onsite
Axenfell, DEFA onsite

Department of Infrastructure: Road Update - Sir George's Bridge now clear and road fully open

Department of Infrastructure: Road Update - Old Castletown Road now clear and road fully open to traffic.

Manx Utilities: The tree has now been removed from the overhead lines on Little Mill Road Onchan

Isle of Man Airport: Earlier events affecting the airfield have now been resolved. However due to the continuing adverse weather there are still some disruption to flights. Please check our website for up to date flight info. Still check in on time unless you hear from your airline.

Department of  Infrastructure: Southern Civic Amenity site open, other three still closed

Manx Utilities: A tree has also been reported on the overhead line on Richmond Hill Douglas

Department of Infrastructure: Road Update - East Baldwin road now clear.

Manx Utilities: "We have also received a report of a tree bring the overhead lines down on Crossag Road Ballasalla"

Jon Richardson finding Storm Doris no laughing matter


Road closed by Marown bowling (Old Church Rd) club electricity pole down, please avoid the area.

Road Update - Groudle Rd blocked by fallen tree.



CLEAR: Peveril Road in Peel has now reopened to traffic. Officers say power cables in the area have been made safe



Manx Utilities: "We have had to turn the power off in the Peveril Road area of Peel due for health & safety reasons, whilst we sort out the Overhead Lines."



Manx Utilities: "the Planned Outage at Kewaigue has been cancelled due to the weather conditions"

CLEAR: Vicarage Road has reopened

Bus Update: Groves Road/Pulrose Bridge area CLOSED, services 1,1H & 2 divert via QB & New Castletown Road in both directions. 

Bus Update: Service 21 outbound divert from Pulrose Bridge via QB, Groves Road and Springfield Avenue to the Crescents. 

Bus Update: White Hoe CLOSED - Service 4 & 4C divert from Fort North roundabout via QB & Lord Street (NOT Circular Road) to Bus Stn. in both directions.

Bus Update: Buses to and from Port Erin, Castletown & Airport are operating but subject to diversion due to the weather conditions

Bus Update: Fairy Bridge closed - divert via Cooil, St Marks and Blackhill to Ballasalla in both directions.

DoI on Facebook: "still receiving a large number of calls, resources have been deployed across the Island. We are having to close and make safe a number of areas, please be patient and avoid traveling if at all possible."

Road Update - Belond Hill dangerous tree, road to be closed for public safety.

CLEAR: Liverpool Arms area now clear (11.30am)

CLEAR: Ballanard Road is now clear (11.29am)

Manx Utilities: "We've also received reports of issues with the electricity supplies in Regaby & with the overhead lines in Peveril Rd Peel & Colooneys Lane. We also have had reports of trees bringing down the overhead lines at West Baldwin & Little Mill Onchan"

Police: "Road closed on Pevril Road, Peel. Due to storm damage to power cables. Emergency services and utilities in attendance to make safe."

Manx Utilities update: "Most electricity supplies have been restored in Ronague our staff are still working on restoring supplies in Grenaby"

DoI: "Road Update - Vicarge Rd closed by fallen tree, near Kirby Nurseries"

CLEAR: Foxdale A3 now clear, according to DoI.

DoI Update: "a number of dangerous trees on Peel Road between Pulrose Bridge and Circular Rd, please avoid the area. May need to close Rd."

Traffic queuing under 'dangerous' trees between Anagh Coar Road and Blackboards

West Baldwin described as 'impassable' after a number of trees and cables have come down

Tree has fallen on a number of parked cars on Kensington Road in Douglas

Dhoon Area, A2 Laxey Coast Road is partially blocked.

There's a tree down on Mullinaragher Road.

A tree has also come down on Glenneedles Road in St John's.

Bus services have been diverted in the south of the Island.

High winds have taken some cladding off the roof at the Island's power station and Pulrose Bridge is closed. Operations at the site are continuing as normal.




The 8.45am Ben-my-Chree service from Douglas to Heysham has been cancelled - as has the 2.15pm return journey.

A decision on this evening's Douglas to Heysham sailing will be made later today.




Flight Arrivals:

All CityWing flights today have been cancelled. 

CANCELLED: Incoming 8.50am from Belfast City

DELAYED: Incoming 9.20am from Gatwick (estimated 5.50pm)

CANCELLED: Incoming 9.20am from Liverpool

CANCELLED: Incoming 9.30am from Manchester

CANCELLED: Incoming 9.45am from Dublin

CANCELLED: Incoming 10.15am from Glasgow

CANCELLED: Incoming 10.20am from Gloucester M5

CANCELLED: Incoming 11.50am from Liverpool

CANCELLED: Incoming 12.05pm from Manchester

CANCELLED: Incoming 3.40pm from Belfast City

CANCELLED: Incoming 5.40pm from Blackpool

CANCELLED: Incoming 7.30pm from Glasgow

CANCELLED: Incoming 7.40pm Belfast City

CANCELLED: Incoming 7.50pm from Gloucester M5




Flight Departures:

All CityWing flights today have been cancelled. 

DELAYED: Outbound 9.50am to Gatwick

CANCELLED: Outbound 9.50am to Liverpool

CANCELLED: Outbound 9.55am to Manchester

CANCELLED: Outbound 10.10am to Dublin

CANCELLED: Outbound 2pm to Belfast City

CANCELLED: Outbound 4pm to Blackpool

CANCELLED: Outbound 5pm to Glasgow

CANCELLED: Outbound 5.10pm to Gloucester M5

CANCELLED: Outbound 6pm to Belfast City

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