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Long Covid service needs to be able to meet demand - Minister

Campaigners warn of 'blindspot' in Covid response

Money to develop the service on the Isle of Man for people suffering the lasting effects of Coronavirus still hasn't been approved by Treasury.

That's the admission from the health and social care minister who says he's still waiting for approval of a business case which was submitted in August.

It’s to expand help for those with M.E. - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - and long Covid.

Six people on the Island are currently accessing Manx Care’s initial, interim long Covid service with three on the waiting list.

They are figures which Lawrie Hooper says he expects to rise as the long term effects of the virus are felt across the Island.

He told Tynwald yesterday that he wants to ensure capacity within the service, which is currently led by two senior therapists working from the community adult therapy service, matches demand.

Long Covid can happen to anyone who has had Coronavirus – even if their symptoms were mild or non-existent.

Mr Hooper says the lasting effects of the virus aren’t still fully understood:

Cat Haxby started an online support group on the Isle of Man – Manx Long Covid Children – after her daughter, Gabby, contracted the virus in March last year.

She’s yet to be formally diagnosed with long Covid, something Cat says is frustrating:

Juan Corlett is from M.E Support Isle of Man and says the issues Cat’s experienced resonate with M.E sufferers on the Island.

He says a full on-Island service which supports both conditions can’t come soon enough:

Representatives of Covid Recovery Isle of Man and Manx Long Covid Children wrote an open letter to Health Minister Lawrie Hooper, warning of a 'blindspot' in the Island's Covid response. You can read the letter here.

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