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Majority of school uniform consultation responses call for 'modifications'

More than 1,000 people responded

More than 1,000 people responded to a school uniform consultation - the results of which have now been published.

Five questions were put to residents looking into the cost, culture and ethos that uniforms bring to an educational environment.

A total of 1,162 people responded to the consultation which higher engagement than government consultations normally receive.

The questions posed included what rules should schools enforce, whether uniforms are cost effective and to address any lack of parity which may arise due to families financial positions.

The consultation also looked at some of the broader ethos and cultural aspects that specified school wear may instil, with 50-per cent of respondents saying they foster a 'sense of belonging' and 37-per cent believing they prepare young people for work life.

Some of the recurring themes that appeared were that branded PE kit is too expensive, skirts are too short and that enforcement of uniform policy distracts from more important matters, and creates conflict between pupils and staff.

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