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Man kayaking around Island in memory of younger brother

Karl Staniford calls for more emphasis on boys' mental wellbeing

A man whose younger brother took his own life says 'there's something seriously wrong with society'.

Karl Staniford is kayaking around the Island in the memory of his younger brother Cameron to raise money for three local mental health charities.

But with reports across the UK showing some male suicide rates hitting a two-decade high, Karl feels that something new needs to be tried.

Speaking to Manx Radio's Rhian Evans, he says more emphasis is needed in schools to teach boys from a young age how to communicate and manage their emotions:

You can donate here.

Karl gave this message following his interview:

‘Time for change.

People are saying I’m an inspiration, in my eyes the real inspiration here is all of YOU!

All I’ve done is sat on my ass for two days, that counts for nothing if YOU didn’t get involved by sharing, donating, commenting, supporting - even if you haven’t or couldn’t donate and you’ve talked about the cause to others you are helping by raising awareness for Mental Health which is equally as important.


An ‘anonymous’ donation came in today with the comment ‘time for change.’ This is 💯 correct!!! It’s time to mix it up. What we’re doing at the moment isn’t working.


We can collectively, proactively improve Mental Health for future generations by encouraging our independent, unique Manx government to prioritise essential skills such as communication and processing stress and emotions within our education system, at relatively low cost, by using simple, sustainable, proven techniques which are backed by research and utilised by the most resilient people of the planet. Please listen to the interview in the link below for more information.


If you’re interested please follow the ‘If It Works, It’s Right’ page. I plan on sharing some further info in the coming weeks. I’m interested to know if you would consider signing a petition that resonates with above?


I hope you will join me in being part of the solution for positive change in our community.



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