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MHK says public need more information about state of Island's finances

An MHK believes the public needs to be given more information about the true state of the Island's financial position.

Alf Cannan says greater clarity would give people a clearer idea of what's likely to be expected from them over the next few years.

He also thinks it would make them more supportive of revenue raising and cost cutting measures.

In the House of Keys this week, Treasury Minister Eddie Teare referred to a figure of around £50 to £60 million as the amount needed to give the Island a sustainable future.

Mr Cannan says we need a clear plan; adding it may time to go back to the drawing board.

Treasury Minister Eddie Teare believes the public are both aware and realistic about the challenges facing them over the next few years.

He says his budgets have always been very clear about the financial position.

But Mr Teare says it would soon be time for politicians to step up to the mark.


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