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New sculpture soon to be seen from Heysham ferry

'Ship' seen from boat

Passengers on the Heysham ferry will soon be able to see a striking new sculpture.

"Ship" will be sited at Half Moon Bay - clearly visible to those arriving and leaving via the port.

Artist Anna Gillespie's work is the latest in a run of works under the title "Headland to Headspace".

Cast in bronze and steel, the Lancashire Port website reports that the work should arrive at the installation site in March.

The work features the outline of a ship’s hull mounted with two opposing figures at each end, one facing ‘the new’ of Heysham Nuclear Power Station and the other facing ‘the old’ of the ancient monument of St Patrick’s Chapel.  

It's suggested that "as ferries sail out towards the Isle of Man from Heysham’s ferry terminal, they and Ship will remain clearly visible to each other in clear weather, making the artwork both a figurative and literal symbol of arrival and departure".

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