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No truck wash in Ballasalla

A company has been told it can’t build an HGV washing facility in Ballasalla after it overestimated the size of the site.

JC Properties Ltd, based in Kenna Road, St John’s, had applied to put the washer in the DoT’s former fuel depot on the Balthane Industrial Estate.

A diagram claimed to show the site was seventy metres long, eleven metres wide as its narrowest and seventeen metres wide at its widest.

But in fact a site inspection showed it was between just eight and ten metres wide.

Jason Roberts reports:

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JC Properties said it hoped to provide the washing facility along with parking for HGVs and said it would put in a detailed application at a later date.

But the planning committee had turned down the proposal because they’d discovered the property was twenty feet thinner than shown on the planning application.

Planning Inspector Neil Holt said the appeal revolved around whether there was enough space for the washer, and he didn’t think there was.

DoLGE Minister John Shimmin agreed and upheld the decision to refuse the development.

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