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Norovirus outbreak sparks concerns

Concerns after norovirus outbreak
Another outbreak of Norovirus on the Isle of Man has led to concerns as patients continue to seek help at the hospital.

Several patients have visited A and E seeking advice, despite warnings this could result in the virus being spread further.

Commonly known as Winter Vomiting Virus, its symptoms include diarrhoea and vomiting.

Anyone suffering the symptoms of Norovirus are being asked to contact their GP surgery by phone rather than seeking medical advice in person.

There is no cure for the virus - although the symptoms usually pass within two to three days. Patients are advised to take on lots of water and eat easily digestable food.

Even after the symptoms have passed, patients remain infectious for 48 hours so public health chiefs recommend those suffering to remain off work during this time.

They also emphasise the importance of hygiene in the home, such as cleaning soiled surfaces with diluted bleach.

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