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'Offsetting is not enough, we've got to carbon cut now'

A wildflower verge at Centenary Park, Onchan, one of the many Woodland Trust's plots

Tree planting can only be an 'add-on' to emission reduction says Woodland Trust

One of the Island's leading charities has welcomed government's announcement to plant a tree for every resident, but insists carbon offsetting is not enough.

The Manx Woodland Trust, which has planted 20,000 trees over the last 13 years, says the Isle of Man would need 42 million trees to play it's part in the climate emergency.

Though, it's a feat the chairman says is unrealistic.

It comes as the Climate Change Committee in the UK recommends that Britain should plant 5 billion trees to combat global over-heating.  

While the Manx government determines the location of its new woodland, one of the directors for the trust, Phillip Corlett, believes the Island's uplands would be suitable:

Listen below to Manx Radio's walkabout at the trust's Centenary Park below:

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