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OFT warns of anti-competitive practices

The Office of Fair Trading is warning businesses against anti-competitive practice in the wake of the recent price-fixing case involving British Airways.

BA has received a record fine after admitting it colluded with Virgin Atlantic over fuel surcharges.

The OFT says any suspected incidences will be investigated and reported to government.

James Davis reports:

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Under the Fair Trading Act 1996, anti-competitive practice is defined as 'restricting, distorting or preventing competition in connection with the production, supply or acquisition of goods in the Island or the supply or securing or services in the Island.'

There are a number of tell tale signs: a supplier stopping their service to you, receiving surprising similar quotations from suppliers, a supplier making demands that you purchase other goods, only one businesses supplying to your area and a supplier who prevents you selling their products at a discount.

With this in mind, the OFT wants to hear from the public or businesses with any suspicions about this happening.

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