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Packed meeting considers traffic concerns

Officials at the Department of Transport are to look at traffic and speeding concerns expressed by Peel residents.

A packed public meeting last night debated a road through the Ballawattleworth Estate which, it's feared, could become a shortcut for traffic between the coast and Poortown Road.

Chairman of the town commissioners Rodger Gimbert is hopeful the ratepayers' concerns will be acted upon and told Manx Radio:

"Basically you have almost like by-pass going from the Poortown Road to the Coast Road, and this is what everybody is unhappy about.

"When they bought properties up there it was down as a 'home zone', which is a 20 miles an hour limit, and they have just found out it wasn't adopted as a 'home zone' and 20 miles an hour limit, it was actually taken as 'a 30', so hence the reason why the requisition meeting was called.

"We were actually very lucky to have Derek Sewell there, he is the network planning manager, and he said he would take away some of the suggestions, on the 'home zone' issue and the designation of the road.

"People have no objection to there being a ring road or a by-pass, call it as you will, they object to the fact it actually goes through what has been classified as an estate up 'til now."

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