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Pavilion could be a waste of money - MHK

The purpose of a pavilion is being queried by an MHK.
West Douglas member Geoff Corkish has written to Douglas Corporation about the building in Noble's Park which was constructed at a cost of more than £2 million.
It was opened in April, but since then has stood empty. 

Mr Corkish says it's a fine structure, but if it's not being used it's a waste of ratepayers' money. He told Manx Radio: "Had the facility been used I wouldn't have been concerned at all really, if people were getting a use out of it and it was serving a purpose.  

"But after all this time, myself and other people are querying why it was built where it is, and for what purpose, and was there a business case for it?  

"I've written to the corporation and in speaking to one or two councillors I've also voiced my opinion and asked why it was built there. I haven't heard anybody tell me why it was built there and for what purpose."

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