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Payback time for students

Around 160 Island students have paid back more than £85,000 to the Department of Education after failing or leaving university courses in the last three years.

Education Minister Anne Craine gave the information in a written reply to a question from Rushen MHK Juan Watterson in the House of Keys this week.

He asked how much the department had reclaimed from those who hadn’t achieved qualifications on their chosen course.

In response, Mrs Craine (pictured) said just under £40,000 had been paid back by those who’d failed their exams, while more than £46,000 had been paid back by people who’d left the course early.

Jason Roberts reports:

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In her reply, Mrs Craine said students don’t complete courses for a number of reasons which could include ill health, injury, death, homesickness, the wrong choice of course, or financial or family problems.

In each case, the department investigates why the student left before coming to a decision about whether they should repay any money.

In total, 41 people had failed their course in the last three years, and 119 had left early during the same period.

Mrs Craine added there are still 21 students whose circumstances were under investigaton.

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