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Peel MHK 'concerned' about commissioner's mixed comments on draft area plan

Kate Lord-Brennan says Peel Commissioners previously 'advocated' for more housing 

A Peel and Glenfaba MHK says she has concerns about mixed comments from Peel Commissioners on the Draft Plan for the North and West. 

Kate Lord-Brennan has sent a letter to the local authority which says it had previously 'advocated' for more housing in the formal process and these submissions formed 'adjustments' to the plan.

She says recent public statements are 'highly misleading' because its position has changed, and alleges the decision wasn't made by the elected board.

The commissioners have previously said they're unhappy with the amount of land which could be included and the lack of zoning for tourism and employment. 

Ms Lord-Brennan says: “It is vitally important that interests and views as to the development of land in this process are represented openly, clearly and with consistency.

"There may well be governance issues to be examined within the local authority, if it turns out that submissions into official process from PTC for the North West Area plan have happened without the proper authority of the elected Commissioners. 

"If this is the case, it must be queried under what authority such major representation have been made on behalf of the Commissioners, and also, why?”

"Politicians will not have any vote or input on any final area plan proposals until after the independently chaired public inquiry, which assesses proposals, and following a further consultation on changes made.

“I will not be supporting any further development in Peel until key infrastructure has been addressed and even then, the expansion of the town needs to be approached with caution, given the existing significant development and expansion in recent years.”

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