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People accused of supplying drugs in nighttime economy appear in court

Charged as part of 'Operation Nightjar'

Three people arrested by police as part of ‘Operation Nightjar’ will be sentenced later this year.

The initiative targeted those who were involved in the supply of drugs in the nighttime economy.

It saw undercover police officers approach people they believed were selling, or facilitating the sale of, drugs in bars and pubs, in person, on the phone and via social media.

0.5 grams

At Douglas Courthouse last week Steven Paul Menton, of Boilley Spittal in Peel, admitted supplying 0.5 grams of cocaine on 12 August last year.

The 41-year-old was approached by a man who said he was called ‘Ste’ outside Sam Webbs in Douglas; Menton, who was described as ‘highly intoxicated’, even asked if the man was undercover.

A short time later he went to St Thomas’ Church with him and gave him the Class A substance; when they returned to the pub he told the man to give £100 to his friend.

Menton’s advocate told the court: “Mr Menton didn’t gain a bean for doing this.”

He will be sentenced at the Court of General Gaol Delivery and has been bailed before his next appearance there on 1 March.

4.1 grams

Matthew John Francis Richards, of Anagh Coar Road in Douglas, also pleaded guilty to three counts of supplying cocaine during his court appearance.

The 33-year-old was approached by an undercover police officer in Jaks Bar and Smokehouse on 14 July who asked for the Class A drug.

The same officer contacted the 33-year-old again – to ‘get sniff’ – on 25 and 27 August; in total he handed over 4.1 grams of the drug over the three occasions.  

He will also be sentenced at the Court of General Gaol Delivery and was bailed until his next appearance there on 12 April.

1.1 grams

Megan Hurst, of All Saint Park in Lonan, admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine during her court appearance.

The 24-year-old drove an ‘acquaintance’ – who had arranged to meet a man called ‘Rob’ – to Jaks on 10 November last year.

The man, who was an undercover officer, got into the back of her car where he was supplied 1.1 grams of cocaine for £200.

At the time she told the duo she believed she could see ‘CID’ around as there were cars with UK numberplates in the area.

She will be sentenced at the Court of General Gaol Delivery and has been bailed until her next appearance there on 12 April.

'Operation Nightjar'

Nineteen people have been charged as part of 'Operation Nightjar' - you can find out more HERE.

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