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People urged to think about taking 'practical steps' to future proof energy supply

NGO says Island is in 'enviable' position of being able to transition 

People on the Isle of Man are being urged to think about taking ‘practical steps’ in light of looming electricity price hikes.  

The Energy and Sustainability Centre says Manx Utilities decision to introduce a 12 pence per unit jump, by July, is evidence of the need to develop our own renewable energy on Island.

It says whilst the Island is dependent on fossil fuels it will be affected by energy price increases adding that it is an ‘unfortunate but inevitable consequence of economic and political forces which are beyond the Isle of Man’s control’.

The not-for-profit organisation says the Isle of Man is in an ‘enviable’ position of being able to transition ‘relatively quickly’ to renewable energies including wind and solar.

It also believes revenue could be earnt from exporting surplus power to the UK.

Ralph Peake says change is the only way to break the cycle of sudden change in energy tariffs:

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