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Pilot didn't follow normal procedures - AAIB

A passenger plane landing at Isle of Man Airport veered off the runway when its engines were put into full reverse, according to a report into the incident by the United Kingdom's Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

The report examines how a VLM flight from London City Airport ended up on the grass at Ronaldsway, in January last year.

None of the 20 passengers or two crew was injured in the incident, and the aircraft itself was undamaged.

In the AAIB report, the pilot says data from the flight recorder seemed to show he didn't follow standard operating procedures.

The AAIB says the crosswinds affecting the airport that day were high, but within accepted levels.

However, as the pilot landed, the engines were put into full reverse, making the plane unstable.

It turned off the runway and ran a short distance onto the grass verge.

When shown the data from the flight recorder, the pilot said putting the engines into reverse wasn't what he had intended, was outside normal procedures, and would explain the sudden veer.

The AAIB concludes the plane turned because of airflow across the rudder when full reverse power was applied.

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