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Police investigate Council row

There could be dramatic implications for all industrial forums in the Isle of Man after a row erupted within the Whitley Council.

That's the view of secretary of the employees side Bernard Moffatt, after a difference of opinion which has led to police involvement.

Chairman of the employers’ side John Houghton, MHK made allegations to the police about an employee counterpart following a meeting last month.

All full meetings of the Council have been suspended as the inquiry continues.

Mr Moffatt (pictured) says the events put enormous strain on the Council, in particularly the individual’s family, and believes it’s a sad state of affairs.

He told Manx Radio:

"If people involved in industrial forums on the Island - and they can be quite tetchy at times - are going to run off with complaints to external agencies up to and including the police, I think we are in for quite a difficult period.

"It's going to be incredibly difficult to repair relationships in Whitley Council following this, and Whitley Council is a vitally important forum.

"It does a tremendous amount of work for public sector workers and for public sector employers, and it acts really as a lightning conductor for a lot of issues which could become politically contentious."

Manx Radio has tried to contact Mr Houghton but has not spoken to him yet.

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