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Post unaffected by foot and mouth

The Isle of Man Post Office says deliveries to farms and other premises with livestock won't be affected by the latest outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the United Kingdom.

It says that, in line with the department of agriculture's own guidelines, they will continue to be made to all addresses, including those where bio-security measures are in force.

However, at those premises postal staff won't be allowed to leave their vans, and customers are being asked to collect their mail from the veicles.

The restriction is due to the decontamination procedures staff will have to follow when visiting places which might be at risk from foot and mouth.

These customers can choose to have their mail left in a box at the boundary of their property, collect it a their local delivery office or arrange an alternative delivery point.

If no bio-security measures are in place delivery staff will assume deliveries can be made as normal.

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