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Praying the Keeils week starts this Saturday

Chance to explore some of the Island's ancient sites 

There's chance to explore some of the Isle of Man's oldest Christian sites over the next eight days.

Praying the Keeils week starts this Saturday, with Keeil being the Manx word for chapel.

A series of free walks and lectures are planned, as well as an armchair pilgrimage for those who may not be able to physically take part in other events.

It'll start with a walk from Fenella Beach this Saturday starting at 10am.

It's something that's happened every year since 2006, and member of the Praying the Keeils team Phil Craine says it's open to everyone, regardless of their faith:

You can find the link to the week's events here.

You can hear the full interview with Phil Craine here. 

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