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President says line drawn under controversial meeting

'Difference between government and parliament'

The President of Tynwald, Steve Rodan, says he and the Chief Minister have drawn a line under a highly-publicised private meeting last month, where members of the Legislative Council were told not to ‘rock the boat’.

Four newly-elected female MLCs – Marlene Hendy, Tanya August-Hanson, Kate Lord-Brennan and Kerry Sharpe, alongside incumbent candidate Jane Poole-Wilson – were called into Howard Quayle’s office in May.

The meeting was organised to ‘discuss the differences’ between the two branches of parliament, following complaints from two members of the House of Keys.

The identity of the MHKs in question has not been revealed, but it’s understood concerns were raised that the newer MLCS were ‘going beyond their scrutiny remit’.

News of the meeting sparked outcry on social media, as well as complaints from MLC David Cretney, and South Douglas MHK Kate Beecroft, who said government’s leader had overstepped the mark.

Since the meeting, Mr Quayle and Mr Rodan have met to discuss the matter and the separation between ‘executive and parliamentary activity’.

The Tynwald President believes the meeting was held in good faith, but claims it didn’t proceed ‘the way it should have’.

Mr Rodan insists all members of Tynwald Court have a right to political expression, and if some MHKs have an issue with that: ‘then that is too bad’.

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