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Progress in services for older people

After news yesterday that the Gansey EMI of Southlands is to re-open in October, the Department of Social Care has announced progress in other key areas of providing services for older people.

The Surby unit of Southlands will open in October, providing additional bed capacity in the South of the Island, whilst the Glenside Old people's home will be totally closed by Easter next year.

Meanwhile, the new resource centre for older people in the North of the Island, called Reayrt Skyal, is now complete and will open in the next few months, allowing residents from the North to be transferred to the new specialist facility.

Minister for Social Care Hon Chris Robertshaw MHK says the opening of the Surby Unit has been long awaited and will mean a better service for old people in the south of the Island.

He describes the closing of a large residential complex such as Glenside as "a complex task which requires great care" .. . but is now confident all residents will have been found suitable accommodation by next Easter . . .and relieved that the majority of staff have already been found suitable alternative employment. He adds that the premises do not meet modern standards and the department is committed to helping more elderly people stay in their own homes for longer.

As Reayrt Skyal prepares to open, Mr Robertshaw has also thanked residents who were re-located from Ramsey to Douglas for their patience while the new facility was completed.

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