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Progress made reopening roads

The Department of Infrastructure says it’s managed to reopenthe Peel Coast Road between  Douglas RoadCorner to Peel and the Switchback Road as well as Ballamodha from Mines Road toGate Road.

Drivers are being reminded to drive cautiously.

The following roads remain closed this evening:


A3 Douglas Road Corner to Ballig Bridge

B32 Lhergy Cripperty, A1 Union Mills to Cooil Road

B35 Ballanhicholas to A24 Garth Crossroads

B20 Begoade Road, access available from A2 Main road toConrhenny Plantation.

B12 Ballacannell

B22 from its junction with Mount Rule to its junction withB10 Beinn-y-Phott

A27 between the Ballacallin and Roundtable

A36 Sloc from the Ballamodha.

A36 to its junction with B44 Linague

A27 Roundtable to Ronague

The Mountain Road between the Hairpin and Creg-ny-Baa.


A14 Tholt-y-Will Road from its junction with the MountainRoad to Tholt-y-Will

B37 Clanna Road from its junction with Newtown to Stuggadhoocrossroads 

Meanwhile, Manx National Heritage says a harbour on the Calf of Man has been seriously damaged by a storm over the weekend.

The damage happened at the entrance to South Harbour on the south east side of the Calf when boulders at the outer marker collapsed, blocking the harbour and making passage hazardous for vessels.

MNH says it’s currently assessing the damage.

However, it’s asking visitors not to land their boats at South Harbour until further notice.

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