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Proposal for fixed penalty offences withdrawn

A proposal to introduce fixed penalty offences for a variety of minor road offences has been withdrawn from Tynwald this morning.

The Department had put forward the order as a means of saving legal time in cases which could be dealt with straight away and remove a layer of bureaucracy in less serious cases.

However, several members expressed concern at the proposals, which included an offence of furious driving and careless or inconsiderate cycling. SomeĀ felt the issues hadn't been fully considered and former police inspector Dudley Butt MLC said the proposals wouldn't, in fact, save any police manpower.

Mr Cretney said whilst he didn't agree with all the concerns raised he had been listening to members concerns and would take the matter back for further consideration.

This was approved by the court with 22 votes for and 2 against in the Keys and 9 for and none against in the Legislative Council.

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