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Prospect turns up heat on disability issue

The Isle of Man's progress in adopting new laws to prevent disability discrimination will be examined later this month.

The Trade Union Council is inviting all Tynwald members to a briefing and is sending out a survey to gauge their views.

A legal officer from Prospect will outline the United Kingdom's experience in improving the rights of disabled people, and consider the options for the Isle of Man, which has yet to implement the Disability Discrimination Act.

Social Legislation Officer Angela Moffatt (pictured) says the union will publish the responses - or lack of them - from all the elected representatives.

She told Manx Radio:

"There is a degree of difficulty on the Isle of Man.

"By and large, elected representatives are not affiliated to political parties, and it's much harder for people to get a grasp on where their members sit on a particular subject.

"So this is an attempt to try and clarify that, in relation to this subject."

Story to feature on Tuesday morning's Mandate.

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