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Public reaction to Glenside closure

News of the Glenside closure has prompted reaction from Manx Radio listeners.

A number of people have contacted the station, with the majority being against the move.

Beth Espey reports (text, below, from attached audio file):

The general feeling seems to be that closing Glenside will be a backward step which doesn't take into account the needs of some of the Isle of Man's most vulnerable people.

One person who contacted us said that, as a health professional, they were shocked this move was even being proposed. They said they felt the older generation deserved respect and appropriate help, and those unable to speak for themselves needed skilled assessment, support and residential care when it was unsafe for them to stay at home. The listener told us that as it's already a struggle to find beds, and it will be very much worse if this goes ahead.

Another listener is concerned with the idea of some Glenside residents being moved to Southlands.

They ask if this proves Southlands was a white elephants which, at the time, maybe we didn't need.

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