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'Real opportunity' for Isle of Man to look at water fluoridation

UK fluoridation network coordinator discusses benefits and misinformation

The Isle of Man has a real opportunity to look at putting fluoride in the water supply and a 'basket of other measures' to help with oral health.

That's from a coordinator of the National Community Water Fluoridation Network in the UK.

The measure is something that's being considered on Island - 17 per cent of five year old children here are said to have dental decay making it one of the main causes of hospital admission in the age group.

Fluoridation is not a new subject on the Isle of Man; in 2014, then-Health Minister Howard Quayle told Tynwald colleagues government had already consulted the public in 2008 - a consultation which resulted in a resounding 'no'.

Recently, in response to Public Health being tasked by the Council of Ministers to compile a research paper looking into fluoridation, a Manx dentist described it as 'shirking responsibility'.

'Fluoridation is an effective and safe public health measure that if feasible should be one part of an oral health strategy.'

Simon Hearnshaw says claims of 'complications' with fluoridation schemes are unsubstantiated:

You can hear more from Simon Hearnshaw on Island Life tonight at 6pm on Manx Radio.

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