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Report into atomic tests

Tynwald has been asked to lead the way when it comes to helping those who were subjected to huge doses of radiation in Britain’s atomic tests.

Eddie Lowey MLC (pictured) put forward a motion asking the Council of Ministers to hand out compensation to those who witnessed the blasts in the Pacific in the 1950s and 60s.

Kate Skinner reports (text, below, from attached audio file):

Mr Lowey said fewer than ten people who went through it were still alive on the Isle of Man, and urged the government to acknowledge responsibility for what they went through.

This was supported wholeheartedly by members, with the only change being made by Health Minister Eddie Teare.

He asked for an extension to the period during which a report would be prepared on the subject, because of the heavy workload currently being undertaken by the Public Health Director.

Mr Teare said it was a very complex matter which would require a great deal of research, but he assured Tynwald this would be done by July at the latest.

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