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Report suggests airport could be removed from DoI control

'Function, Future and Form' of Ronaldsway to be considered by Tynwald

The Department of Infrastructure could relinquish its responsibility for Ronaldsway Airport and hand it over to a statutory board or a limited company. 

That's one of the options floated in a new report into the future of the facility.

The document - 'Isle of Man Airport - Function, Future and Form' - will be put before Tynwald at its April sitting.

Underpinning the report is the need to strike a balance between the airport's role as a critical lifeline and making the most of commercial opportunities.

The document, to be moved by Infrastructure Minister Chris Thomas, is split into three sections.

The first two cover the current operational model at the airport and look at organisational structure, regulation, services and stakeholders - before highlighting the challenges that need to be addressed and how an alternative strategy may be appropriate.

Section three sets the scene for a future ‘masterplan’ to reflect the overall vision through policy and planning objectives.

These, the report outlines, might involve air traffic control and security provision, terminal re-development and a fresh strategic approach in terms of assets, general aviation and contingency planning.

Minister Thomas said: “It is essential that the airport operates in a way that allows it to reach its potential, and enhance its provision of air services so that they meet our needs.

“This examination is to determine things like how or even whether our airport should be part of the Department of Infrastructure and how an alternative operating model could result in less public subvention, as well as enhanced air services and facilities that I know the travelling public wish to see.”

The recommendation is for incremental change and a stepped transition process to operating the airport at arm’s length.

You can read the report HERE.

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