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Retired NHS worker 'happy to mop the floors' to help hospital during pandemic

Former chief biomedical scientist offering assistance

A former biomedical scientist says he'd be "happy to mop the floors and empty the bins" at Noble's hospital, to take the strain off the Manx NHS. 

Rory McCann worked in the Island's pathology department for almost 40 years. 

Along with a number of retired NHS staff, he's volunteered to come back to assist during the crisis, and is having his application fast-tracked by the DHSC:

Mr McCann spoke to Aaron Ibanez: 

Biomedical scientists play a central role in processing tests for Covid-19 before they are sent off-Island for verification.

The government aims to carry out 30 tests a day, a rate six times greater than the UK.  

In the UK, a temporary register has been created to re-establish retired specialist health practitioners, and free them up to offer help during the pandemic.

Until laws are changed to approve the register, those specialists will not yet be able to return to their original roles. 

It's understood those who've volunteered on the Island are also waiting for this update to legislation, as the Island's Director of Nursing Catherine Quilliam alluded to during a press briefing this week:

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