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Scallop fishing paused off Bradda Head

Follows ruling from the Scallop Management Board

A restricted area off the south of the Isle of Man has been closed to fishing vessels by the Scallop Management Board.

The decision has been made at the request of the fishing industry.

The Bradda Restricted Area covers around 12 square kilometres and fishing vessels were only allowed to catch Scallops in the zone for one day per week.

Dr David Beard of the Isle of Man Fish Producers Organisation told Manx Radio the time restrictions were initially imposed because the area has a high density of juvenile Scallops.

Catch rates since the area was opened have been extremely high, with all local vessels taking advantage of the permitted one day a week fishing time.

As a result it was felt the area needed time to recover after a period of intensive fishing. Dr Beard says the Bradda Restricted Area will re-open some time in the New Year - probably in March.

The King and Queen Scallop fisheries have enjoyed bumper catches this year in terms of both quantity and quality.

It follows the rigorous enforcement in recent years of strict conservation measures aimed at securing the fishery for years to come.


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