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Serial burglar admits another offence

Sentencing to take place next month

A serial burglar who broke into a property in Lheannag Park, Douglas, has admitted the offence.

44-year-old Lee Cowell, whose address was given as the prison, appeared before Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes at Douglas courthouse today.

The prosecution told the court a man, Dominic Quirk, heard knocking at the door of his apartment, having come home from work shortly before.

He ignored it, but heard noise in his kitchen not long after that.

Mr Quirk went to have a look, and found a man he didn't know in his lounge.

Cowell claimed he was looking for someone called 'John', which Mr Quirk didn't believe.

He punched the intruder in the face.

Cowell left, but ended up being arrested by police a week later in relation to another burglary.

When questioned about the incident at Mr Quirk's, Cowell denied being there, but Mr Quirk subsequently picked him out of a police lineup.

The prosecution said Cowell had 'very many' previous convictions for burglary.

He's been remanded in custody, and will be sentenced at the court of general gaol delivery on 21 December.

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