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Sewerage charge refusenik numbers not known, claims minister

It's impossible to say exactly how many people have refused to pay the sewerage charge, according to Treasury Minister Eddie Teare.

He was replying to a House of Keys question for written answer from West Douglas MHK Chris Thomas.

Mr Thomas wanted to know when those who hadn't paid were issued with letters telling them of proceedings to get the money, how many letters were issued and how much would have been payable if proceedings had been taken?

In his reply, Mr Teare said with the exception of a few representations which accompanied payment, the Treasury couldn't tell whether someone had specifically withheld payment of the Sewerage Charge, as opposed to underpaying their rates for any number of reasons.

He added that when reminders and final notices are issued by the Treasury they are generally distributed in large batches regardless of the value of the amount  outstanding.

Where proceedings for the recovery of any outstanding rates and charges are begun, the debtor is liable for £100 fixed costs for advocate’s charges and a £5.40 service charge, plus court fees, depending on the size of the claim.


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