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Sites identified for sewage plants

MU says it has considered community concerns

Locations for potential sewage plants in Laxey and Peel have been identified.

Manx Utilities says it's worked with a number of bodies to ensure important factors highlighted by the community have been considered.

The body's purchased Glenfaba House in Peel as it believes there will be minimal visual impact on the city.

There'll also be no need for operational traffic to drive through the Peel site when it comes to the facility being serviced.

These were two of the biggest issues, according to Manx Utilities, when discussing with both residents and the local authority.

In Laxey, part of the chalet site which already houses some sewage outfall infrastructure has been bought by MU.

Again, the body claims to have the backing of the commissioners in the town and that operating costs won't be too great.

Standard government processes will now have to be carried out before the projects can go ahead.

These include financial and planning approval, tendering and bid appraisal, and contract placement.

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