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Solitary bees' nest closes parts of Mooragh Park

Play equipment cordoned off at the Mooragh Park

Officers hope the pollinators will 'move on naturally'

The discovery of a solitary bees' nest in a climbing frame has caused Ramsey Commissioners to cordon off a section of the Mooragh Park.

It's been closed for safety reasons after the sting-less pollinators, one of the 267 species of solitary bees which don't live in colonies, chose to make a home inside part of the play equipment.

Officers have their 'fingers crossed' that the bees will 'move on naturally' within six to eight weeks.

It's not the only area in the park closed due to wildlife; parts of the skate equipment have also been temporarily shut because of nesting birds.

On learning about the closures at a local authority meeting, commissioner Juan McGuinness says he 'wasn't sure he hadn't started hallucinating'.

Mr McGuinness accepts the 'random occurrence' may be frustrating for users, but hopes information signs displayed on the cordon will help explain the situation.


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