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Summing up completed at Vanselow trial

A jury has heard closing addresses from the prosecution and defence at the trial of a 25-year-old Douglas woman.

Julia Vanselow is accused of attempting to murder her ex-boyfriend Billy Smith by driving them off a cliff at Marine Drive on Boxing Day, 2008.

Linda Watts, prosecuting, said Miss Vanselow had manipulated Billy Smith into meeting her that night by sending him texts which talked of killing herself.

She said people who witnessed the car go over the cliff told police it went straight and didn't attempt to turn, adding they didn't hear brakes screech, only the engine revving.

In his evidence, Mr Smith said he asked Miss Vanselow to slow down, but she told him, 'If I can't have you, no one else will', as she drove the car towards the edge.

But Alan Gough, for the defence, told the jury Billy Smith was, 'as bad a character as you are likely to come across', saying he was a calculating serial criminal who had lied about the above claim.

Mr Gough said it had in fact been an accident, adding the prosecution hadn't proved Miss Vanselow had intented to kill Mr Smith, nor that she was suicidal, which would have been the case if she had meant to drive off the cliff.

The trial resumes at 10am on Wednesday, when Deemster Doyle will sum up before sending the jury out to consider its verdict.

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