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Support in Tynwald for Eddie Teare

The Health Minister has been given a glowing report in Tynwald.

Eddie Teare came under scrutiny when Michael MHK David Cannan put forward a motion calling on members to detail their views about the DHSS.

Mr Cannan said it was vital to know what the policies and objectives of the department were.

The concerns of members ranged from waiting list times and service provision to acknowledgement of the difficulties faced by the DHSS in terms of budgetary constraints and growing public expectations.

All DHSS members rose to support their minister, and spoke of how dedicated he was in pursing the best interests of the department and the public.

Mr Teare gave members an assurance there would be a presentation about the department's policies outlining the challenges facing the health services, and giving members an opportunity to have a mature discussion about issues of concern.

This will take place by July at the latest.

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