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TravelWatch calls for breakdown of charges

The transparency of air fares charged by the airlines serving the Isle of Man came under fire at the annual general meeting of the passenger organisation Travelwatch at the weekend.

Members criticised the way some airlines don’t fully explain what charges, surcharges and taxes are levied on flights.

Travelwatch committee member Paul Moncaster says passengers are confused when it comes to pricing:

"With a major operator out of the Isle of Man they just give you a single figure, there's no breakdown, and I've asked at a meeting with them could they do this, in the same way that Aer Arran and Ryanair do. They said that isn't their policy.

"Now this, of course, is for the whole of the operation, not just the Isle of Man, and it looks like we will have great difficulty, unless the UK pass legislation requiring the breakdown."

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