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Tynwald backs tuition fee proposal

Students from the Isle of Man who are going to university will have to pay towards their tuition fees for the first time.

Despite strong opposition from the likes of Kate Beecroft, David Callister, Alf Cannan, Brenda Cannell and Lawrence Skelly, the proposals were approved by the Tynwald tonight.

The vote was 15 for and 8 against in the House of Keys and 7 for and 2 against in the Legislative Council.

The scheme will see an across-the-board fee of £2,500 per student apply for each year at university, although first-year students entering a course this autumn won't pay until the same time in 2014.

Further, means-tested charges will be levied on those whose parents have a combined income of over £100,000.

Just prior to the vote, Education and Children Minister Tim Crookall addressed Tynwald:

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