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Tynwald members respond to budget

The Island's MHKs and MLCs have spent the day responding to Treasury Minister Eddie Teare's budget.

There was criticism and concern from some, a selection of which can be heard below.

South Douglas MHK Kate Beecroft told Tynwald she had reservations about the treasury minister's budget for the coming financial year, saying it lacked a plan.

Mrs Beecroft said she would not vote in favour of it.

She called once again for some form of zero-based budgeting to be used - ie. identify the essential funding areas, then divide what money is left between the remaining ones: (first part of audio clip)

Castletown MHK Richard Ronan said he was very worried about staffing costs (second part of audio clip)

Michael MHK Alf Cannan said he had concerns, too (third part of audio clip)

Clip 1

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