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Union confident compulsory redundancies at Post Office off the table

Communication Workers Union reacts to employee consultation

A union representing Isle of Man Post Office workers believes compulsory redundancies will be avoided as 'fundamental changes' are made to its operations.

The business is facing a 'surplus in capacity' following Royal Mail's decision to transit mail to the Island by boat rather than plane.

Post Office Chair Stu Peters told the House of Keys yesterday (14 November) that mandatory redundancies would be a 'last resort' as workers are consulted about their futures.

Steve Halliwell is from the Communications Workers Union:

In response, a statement by the post office says Royal Mail’s decision to transit their mail by boat has necessitated fundamental changes in Isle of Man Post Office’s (IOMPO) operation which has created a surplus capacity.

"Therefore IOMPO has initiated a compliant, employee union agreed consultation process to explore all options to address this surplus capacity, including where practical: redeployment opportunities, changing working hours, and establishing if there are any employees interested in voluntary redundancy.

"A mandatory redundancy process would be the absolute last option, if required, after exhausting all other options.

"The employee union has been informed, as have the 21 employees in the pool at risk of redundancy.

"The changes relate to ‘under the roof’ activities, not delivery duties. Meanwhile a review of the mails management is ongoing."

Regarding Mr Halliwell’s comments on broader matters, IOMPO has mutually agreed contracts for commercial services that are confidential and therefore it is not in a position to comment.

In response to comments made by Mr Halliwell in his interview with Manx Radio, Manx Independent Carriers has issued the below statement:

"With reference to the current notification of redundancies at Isle of Man Post, reference was made in the media today by the CWU representative to Manx Independent Carriers (MIC) and that Government should decide if they want to support well paid jobs (IOM Post) or the “Gig” economy. No other companies were referenced so the comment was obviously aimed at MIC."

"MIC recently celebrated its 38th anniversary and has grown from 3 employees to over 200 and has become a vital part of the Islands infrastructure and economy. All our staff are on fixed hours contracts and are paid considerably more than the living wage along with holidays and pensions.

"We pay the IOM Government substantial sums in the form of VAT, fuel duty, road tax, statutory fees, rates along with NHI and ITIP deductions. MIC competes for business on the open market and wins contracts because it offers value for money and an unrivalled service.

"MIC does not meet the description of a “Gig” economy business and it seems that certain individuals simply use the term as a soundbite when they are unable to come up with any valid reasoning or argument."

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