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Unions repond to pay freeze proposal

Members of two prominent unions in the Isle of Man aren't happy with plans to freeze civil servants' pay.

Prospect representative Angela Moffatt says many view it as a potential cut given that inflation, though low, isn't at 0%.

She says she can't say much more about it at the moment as negotiations are ongoing and members will have to be consulted first at every stage (play attached audio file):

"We believe there is now responsibility on us to go back and fight our corner hard for our members, but with due regard to the sensibilities they have as a membership.

"Certainly, as a union, we will always try to get the very best deal for our members, but we will do that with due regard to economic circumstances and what's best for the Island as a whole."

The union Unite isn't involved in the negotiations but does represent some people in the public sector whose wages are tied to the civil service.

Local representative Mick Hewer says he knows discussions are at an early stage, but he felt he had to speak on behalf of them:

"From what I've read in the press release, granted it is at a very early stage and it does seem to be a proposal, but what concerns me is the fact it's actually being bandied around that they are considering a pay freeze.

"It gives us some indication as to where the Civil Service Commision are coming from."

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