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Wide ranging questions on VAT revenue loss

The question paper for the House of Keys today is dominated by the fallout from last month's 'VAT bombshell'.

There are a number of items on how the Isle of Man will cope with the slashing of nearly £100 million in VAT revenue from its budget for next year.

The United Kingdom government reduced the Island's share under what's known as the 'Common Purse' agreement.

North Douglas member Bill Henderson is leading the charge with four questions to the chief minister.

Among other things, he is calling for an urgent impact assessment on the effects of the VAT loss, which will cut government spending by more than 20 per cent.

Details of the VAT agreement are largely secret, but Onchan member Peter Karran wants to know the past, present and future formulae for working out the Island's share.

Michael MHK David Cannan is asking if departments of the Manx Government have already been ordered to cut spending and Juan Watterson (Rushen) has a question on whether firms trading in the Isle of Man should be compelled to register as Manx companies to ensure local spend benefits the Island.

Away from public finances, there are questions on tree clearing at Injebreck and the number of non-Island residents sentenced here for drugs offences.

The Legislative Council is also sitting today, from 10.30am.

There are two questions, both from Eddie Lowey, who wants to know how many consultants are used by govenrment and how much they cost.

He is also asking about the government's procurement policy

The Keys sitting starts at 10am, and there is full coverage of question time on Manx Radio's 1368 AM service.

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