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Worries over flock's safety, after dog attack

The owner of a pedigree sheep which had to be destroyed after a dog attack on Peel Headland has been speaking of her shock at the incident.

Alison Rothwell says the Texel Ewe - worth more than £3,000 - was very domesticated and a family favourite.

The animal had to be put down last Friday after it was found in a distressed state with serious injuries to its face and mouth.

Based on the nature and extent of its wounds, vets say the dog responsible would either have been very large, or one with powerful jaws.

Appeals have been made for the owner to come forward, but so far there has been no response.

Mrs Rothwell says since the attack, she and her family have been extremely cautious about the rest their flock.

On Manx Radio's Countryside programme last night she said:

"Since it's happened I've been down first thing in the morning and we've been down again last thing at night, just really for our own peace of mind, because you don't know when it's going to happen again.

"It could happen again in a few week's time.

"It's happening too often now, quite a few times this year it's already happened to other people who have lost stock due to dog worrying.

"It's about time it stopped really."

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