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Would stronger celtic union benefit IOM?

League claims Island should encourage move

Should the Isle of Man push for a stronger 'Celtic union'?

With well-documented political uncertainty in the United Kingdom, combined with Isle of Man Government's adage that 80% of the Island's trade is with the UK, some have called for economic diversification.

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price is one key figure who has recently suggested a bolstered union could provide solutions for the Celtic nations, post-Brexit.

Alastair Kneale of the Celtic League Mannin Branch thinks the Isle of Man would be foolish not to endorse such a proposal:

Mr Kneale was speaking to Manx Radio following the NGO's 2019 annual general meeting.

You can listen to more of his conversation with Manx Radio's Dollin Mercer below.

Again, an old adage presented by many representatives of the Isle of Man Government is that around 80% of the Island's trade is with the United Kingdom.

Could it be argued that Ireland is underrepresented in the Manx government's economic thinking?

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