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Archery scores

Archers arriving at Ronaldsway on Sunday morning and hoping for weather conditions similar to Saturday were disappointed, as on setting up the field it was obvious that there was a very strong, gusty, head-on wind travelling down the field.

These conditions resulted in disaster for the junior archers who were shooting on their longest distance of 50 metres.

A strong gust of wind sent the boss crashing to the ground at the end of one of the first rounds of shooting just after all twelve arrows had been shot and were still in the target.

Aalin George's carbon arrows survived the fall and were intact, but severely bent, but younger sister Kirsten found her aluminium arrows had been destroyed, and each arrow ended up completely broken in two putting an end to their shooting for the day.

This left just five archers to shoot the scheduled Fita handicap round, but because of the low numbers it was decided to change the round to a Long Metric.

The results again reflected the weather conditions and there were no personal best scores this week, although Peter Mumford did manage to achieve a 6-gold end on the 70 metre distance.

Lionel Jacques managed to shoot exactly to his handicap rating and this resulted in him taking first place on Sunday on adjusted score.


1. Lionel Jacques Recurve Gent 289 scored, adjusted to 1454 on handicap

2. Charlotte George Recurve Lady 478 scored, adjusted to 1386

3. Peter Mumford Compound Gent 540 scored, adjusted to 1384

4. Joy Gough Compound Lady 521 scored, adjusted to 1372

5. Colin Moore Recurve Gent 252 scored, adjusted to 1298

Next Sunday the rounds will be Nationals (Handicap), archers to arrive at Ronaldsway as usual at 9.30 or 1.30.

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