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Higgins ponders future

FX Motor Sports’ Hugh Evans and David Higgins (pictured) say they have grown so frustrated with the current situation in the British Rally Championship they are thinking about competing elsewhere this year.

The comments come after the postponement of a court hearing last week which would have
clarified the results of Trackrod Rally Yorkshire.

The outcome of the hearing was hoped to finally confirm the results of the 2008 British Rally Championship too.

David, his brother Mark and Guy Wilks were involved in a three-way tussle going into the final round in Wales, which was won by Wilks to provisionally give him the title.

But the result of the Yorkshire event remains unclear after being won by Wilks only for him to be disqualified, giving victory to Mark Higgins.

An appeal by Mitsubishi was successful, awarding the event to Wilks again but that has yet to be confirmed.

FX Motor Sports boss Hugh Evans said, "I do not see how we can continue with the BRC when issues like this are allowed to persist for so long.

"It gives potential sponsors a bad image of our sport and makes a mockery of all the money we have invested in the team over the last year.

"We are extremely disappointed that the hearing was postponed.

"David led the championship for most of the season, and we did well in the team championship too, but we cannot tell anyone where we definitely finished in either.

"Even if the results are declared final now, it's too late for us or any other driver or team to use where we finished as a tool to raise sponsorship - it's just too late."

Higgins too has become frustrated by the situation, "The longer this goes on for the more we are inclined to look at different options for this year and leave the BRC behind.

"We feel extremely let down by everything that has happened, and feel the 2008 championship has become a farce with everything that has gone on.

"I have already looked into options for contesting the British historic championship in one of Mark Soloway’s Escorts.

"Hugh and I must think seriously about the best way forward for FX Motor Sports this year."

With the 2008 results still provisional, the 2009 British Championship starts on the Bulldog
International Rally of North Wales on March 28th.

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